06/13/2015 12:24pm

Wow what a wonderful pictures of Nevada.This attract my attention to must visit this place in our life to see the beautiful scenes about the nature of beauty.

04/05/2016 3:01am

Usually, however, for most of us only some things in life turn out badly - perhaps you fail your exams, your boss at work is overcritical, or you catch a dangerous bug.

05/18/2016 2:11am

Wow, these photos are so beatiful! I like them so much!

12/19/2016 12:41am

02/04/2017 3:03pm

Nevada is always been beautiful, not the towns nor the cities, but it's landscapes. The reason why the country side is the most beautiful thing in Nevada is because of it's variety. If you go on a trip through Nevada, you can see mountains, valleys, cacti, and bushes. Some other places have trees, flowers and lakes. I am glad you decided to take a trip on Nevada. Thank you for sharing the photos. I am sure you had a great time.

06/06/2017 1:34am

Though this photos don't represent the whole Nevada, I can totally say that this city is truly a wonderful place to be at. I've never been there, but I've read several blogs stating that the city has a lot of great places to visit. Looking at the photos, I think I don't have to doubt those words. A view like this on an everyday basis is something that I want to have!


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