Water. Wood. Wind.  This is Oregon.  They have some things right in this state: service attendants that pump gas, rest stops that are clean and have free Wi-Fi, and with city centers and downtowns aside, Oregon cities magically disappear in the landscape.  Instead of hiding in a black hat, the cities hide behind trees, rivers, and lakes.

Two other observations: it seems every car in Oregon has a roof rack or a bike rack.  And get this, they actually have kayaks and canoes and bikes on the racks.  The people here are active. --At least the ones living or visiting between Bend and Portland.  Second observation: bridges.

Bridges are everywhere.  Paddling under bridges today reminded me of the need to connect—this was especially true when paddling under the bridges in Portland.  This must be why the homeless prefer to set up camp under or near bridges.  It is like they are screaming to connect with the rest of the world.  Or they are reminding us that home is where there is water.  Oregon and its bridges will forever remind me that we are all water.  When we can, we should travel bridges.  Then, we can connect with others that are lost and removed from the sea.

Thank you to Chip at Standup Paddle Bend for putting on a great race.  I finished third on the 2-mile course with a time of 26:31.  Thank you to Chuck and Karen and Chris and Whitney.  I was able to take a bridge back today and reconnect with family.  And it is humbling seeing that the Army Corp of Engineers built many of the bridges.   The USACE is responsible for investigating, developing and maintaining the nation's water and related environmental resources.  Even the Army is smart enough to know that we are all water.  Again, reminders that our Wounded Warriors deserve the same opportunity to travel the bridges that they helped build and protect.



Lilo Harms
06/16/2013 1:51pm

Awesome pictures Chris. Can't wait to see the ones from Alaska.
Be safe!

Lilo Harms
06/16/2013 1:58pm

04/25/2016 9:43am

Have a safe journey with lots of fun and entertainment. You share nice information about your trip. I get too much information about this site after reading your post. I am also passionate for visit this place after seeing you is sharing.


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