I hope tonight I will have the opportunity to write and post reflections.  It's exhausting having to constantly track weather reports and examine radar in order to predict good times to paddle.  This has been going on since South Dakota.  Yet, I have gratitude that I have been able to find gaps in the weather--it's just causing some extra driving and slight changes in paddle locations.



06/26/2013 3:15pm

Hope you do get time to rest and write tonight, Chris! I think there are many people following your journey and appreciating your writing, like me. Also glad your friend will be joining you in a couple of days-

06/27/2013 11:54am

Chris, it was so nice to meet you today at SoPoSUP! What an amazing adventure you are on and for such a great organization. I hope you enjoyed your Maine paddle around Cushings Island. Take care and thanks for Standing Up for Wounded Warriors! Cheers :-)

10/16/2017 10:34pm

The photographs of the journey are nice, it was a pleasant sunny day and certainly, you have enjoyed there.I think it is a wonderful place to visit and enjoy the natural scenery.


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