We are in New York City!  About to leave for New Jersey so we can launch the SUP’s and circumnavigate the Statue of Liberty.

Since Matt and Brad have joined the trip, the adventure has taken on a different feel.  And it’s not necessarily Matt and Brad joining that has changed the feel; it’s the fact that there are tons of people.  It’s all about people.  The hosts we had in Boston, Rhode Island, and Connecticut all added value to this adventure.  The support and enthusiasm is overwhelming.  Thank you to Stacy Mac for putting together a great group of paddlers to join us in the Boston Harbor.  Included in the group was Jon, aka “Chino”, the only board shaper in Boston.  Check him out at www.bostonsurf.com  You can also check out Stacy at www.supsonas.com  In Rhode Island we had John from http://www.paddleboardri.com guide us through downtown Providence.  The paddle included going under a mall!  Meet up with John as soon as you can.  He’s moving west and we look forward to hosting John.  In Connecticut we had Frank guide us through the Thimble Islands.  Frank is a fellow teacher, coach, and ocean lover.

Again, thank you to all that have added to our experience.  It really is all about people and relationships.


08/19/2013 10:40pm

Hey Chris, you'll never guess but I'm reading the blogs!! So I guess it's just your Mom and me reading ;) Had an amazing trip and glad to share in your SUP50 journey. Made many memories that will last a lifetime. Can wait to do it again someday when I return from Afghanistan.

08/04/2017 3:27am

This is the reason why we should give importance to the presence of other people. Sometimes, the less you expect, the more it becomes exciting. Just like this one. I am sure you didn't expect that Matt and Bradd's presence would make a big difference on your trip. Their stories and jokes are the factors that gave more color to your trip. I am sure you are looking forward to have them on your next trips!

09/21/2017 6:52pm

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