All waters eventually flow or shower to the sea.  It’s like water is humble and knows that being a part of something bigger is life’s purpose.  When reflecting about water, Lao Tzu comments, “Nothing in the world is more flexible and yielding than water. Yet when it attacks the firm and the strong, none can withstand it, because they have no way to change it. So the flexible overcome the adamant, the yielding overcome the forceful. Everyone knows this, but no one can do it.”  Water is humble; yet water demands that we submit. As babies we are approximately 75% water.  As we age, the percentage of our bodies that is water decreases. I feel that water has a way of calling us home.  It’s day one of SUP 50 and technically I am homeless.  I have no physical address that I am responsible for, and even after just one day, I feel more at home than ever—specially the time I am on the water.

While I was paddling out to the Golden Gate bridge, I had two recurring thoughts: the first being an assumption.  The waters in the Bay were choppy and the currents confusing.  But I feel the deeper one could get, the calmer the sea would be.  I have yet to dive, so I don’t know if this is true.  But my gut tells me that even when the ocean is mad on the surface, when the ocean reacts to the wind, when the ocean swells on the surface that deep down the water is calm; the water is stable.  I like to think that is how we are as humans.  On the surface we can be angry, our thoughts confusing, but deep down we have a constant that is calm.  I feel that constant is best understood when we avoid hubris and come to terms with how small we really are.  The second thought was one of gratitude.  While paddling to the Golden Gate Bridge, the view of Presidio was humbling.  It served as a reminder as to why I am even doing this trip: to raise awareness and support for the Wounded Warrior Project.  It is the service and selflessness of our service men that preserve our quality of life.

Philosophical amusing aside, the trip has started successfully.  I am learning to be more efficient with strapping the boards to the car.  I have new respect for wind.  My Aunt Eileen and her partner, Bob, greeted me in San Francisco.  Both look amazing and their sprits helped raise mine.  I also appreciate their flexibility and patience.  Thank you for being there Eileen and Bob.  I made an impulsive stop at Shasta Lake to enjoy a sunset paddle.  Next stop: Bend, Oregon and Portland, Oregon.



06/15/2013 9:39am

Hi Chris. I am so stoked for you and will be following your posts for the duration of your journey. You are are rock star! Lookin forward to hearing all about it when you return. Best of luck. Tannis


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